bol crypto cypher

Crypto Cipher has released their sample library BOL – Tabla Mouth Percussion, which is a interesting tabla mouth percussion sample library for Kontakt 5+. The cost is $29, with and intro price of $19, and all of the proceeds go to their charity Street Dogs in New Delhi, India.

These mouth percussions are the in the notation of tabla instruments. When spoken it reflects various emotions. The library covers various happy percussions in folk styles as well thunderous voices. Sync and transposition features make this library more useful and with effects.

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If like me you enjoy adding some color or some spice to your mixes, then you’ll be glad to know that Fairly Confusing Waveforms have just recently released an awesome percussion sample pack called Junk Percussion. It is seriously a great collection of sounds of a variety of household objects being smashed. It may seem crazy, but read on…………

At one stage I found myself in need of additional percussion sounds, and this resulted in me spending several hours digging around in my home for junk that I could bang on and even break if I wanted to. Many of these newly acquired sounds soon incorporated into “Psychodrummasoundbanks,”, but I still had many left over. When I eventually found some free time, I went ahead and I started editing them, and as a result, I am now able to offer a unique, “household junk” percussion set, aptly named, Junk Percussion.

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bionic supa delay

THE INTERUPTOR, a well known Swiss plugin dev­eloper has now released the much anticipated “Bionic Supa Delay.” As with the legendary Bionic Delay effect that was created for Windows, this latest offering is also freeware VST plugin compatible with Windows operating systems.

THE INTERUPTOR describes the Bionic Supa Delay as being a much improved version of the older “Bionic Delay” which is still currently being used in studios all over the world. The new plugin has essentially been developed as part of a joint effort with Russ D, a Dub producer from The Disciples, who recommended that the company include a number of additional features which can benefit live Dub mixes.

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Surprise Sample Pack

Loops de la Crème just released a free assortment of audio samples from Surprise Sample Pack. This assortment encompasses a set of sounds from numerous marketable sample libraries, and they still haven’t been released yet.

“A selection of 110 unreleased samples. The samples in Surprise Sample Pack are part of new collections that might be released in 2014!”

This pack is a free download via Bandcamp (62.3 MB ZIP, 110 samples, 24-bit WAV).

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Announcing the release of Arturia Minibrute Loops from creators Spunkface Sampler. It’s a free collection of ten loops from the MiniBrute analogue synthesizer by Arturia.

Arturia Minibrute loops is a raw collection of 10 techno loops. Each loop is careful sculpted from the Arturia Minibrute, using a selection of analog processors included the UA 710 pre and the Neve 8816.

This loop package is available as a free download via Spunkface Samplers (14.2 MB ZIP,10 audio loops, 24bit WAV).

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filtershaper 3

The public beta version of FilterShaper 3 has just been released by the Cableguys. This is an update to their incredible filter effect for Windows and Mac.

“We just released the FilterShaper 3 beta today. It’s a rather big thing for us. FilterShaper 3 is perfect for subtle changes but also for crazy modulations with more than 60 LFOs and 50 envelope followers, new Sallen-Key filters, oscilloscopes, MIDI triggering, LFO speed modulation etc. It also now includes a online preset library for fast access to common settings.”

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dc8c 2

Klanghelm has just recently announced the release of DC1A 2 and DC8C 2, both of which are updated versions of two of their earlier freeware compressor effects which proved to be extremely popular between Windows and Mac users alike.

Essentially, the well received DC1A compressor is now driven by the same engine as its bigger brother, the DC8C2. Those who download the all new DC1A 2 version will find that it now has a few additional features, including being able to compress with dual mono operation and negative ratios.

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