The public beta version of FilterShaper 3 has just been released by the Cableguys. This is an update to their incredible filter effect for Windows and Mac.

“We just released the FilterShaper 3 beta today. It’s a rather big thing for us. FilterShaper 3 is perfect for subtle changes but also for crazy modulations with more than 60 LFOs and 50 envelope followers, new Sallen-Key filters, oscilloscopes, MIDI triggering, LFO speed modulation etc. It also now includes a online preset library for fast access to common settings.”

This plugin is avaible as a free download at KVR Audio (25MB Zip, 32/64-bit, VST/AU, Windows & Mac).

This filter effect is truly a workhorse with a lot of modulation possibilities and also comes with a cool custom waveform editor. It can be used for basic technique as well as sidechaining all the way to advanced sound design. This new version comes with some brand new Sallen-Key type filters with a new interface design and an interesting preset management system that was introduced in the latest version.

The beta version which is available to the public, basically works like a free demo. It’s completely functional but will only allow one instance per project. You can then save your presets which you can use in the full version if you decide to purchase it. The full version will be priced at a very modest $89 and is actually a free upgrade for the FilterShpaer 2 owners.

I’ve personally tested out the Beta version of FilterShaper3 and I’m loving it so far. The filters sound incredible, the UI looks very clean and I really like the preset management system because it offers a nice way to organize your sounds.

Video Demo

Check out the FilterShaper 3 demo video:


Download FilterShaper 3

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