If like me you enjoy adding some color or some spice to your mixes, then you’ll be glad to know that Fairly Confusing Waveforms have just recently released an awesome percussion sample pack called Junk Percussion. It is seriously a great collection of sounds of a variety of household objects being smashed. It may seem crazy, but read on…………

At one stage I found myself in need of additional percussion sounds, and this resulted in me spending several hours digging around in my home for junk that I could bang on and even break if I wanted to. Many of these newly acquired sounds soon incorporated into “Psychodrummasoundbanks,”, but I still had many left over. When I eventually found some free time, I went ahead and I started editing them, and as a result, I am now able to offer a unique, “household junk” percussion set, aptly named, Junk Percussion.

You can expand your percussion sounds arsenal right now by downloading the collect free of charge via Fairly Confusing Waveforms (12.7 MB download size, ZIP archive, 200 audio samples, 16-bit WAV format).

The Junk Percussion collection is the newest addition to an ongoing series of free sample packs being offered by Fairly Confusing Waveforms. Each pack which has been released to date features a different category of sounds, but while they might all offer different sounds, they do have one thing in common……..originality! Let’s just say they are not the sort of sounds you would ever have imagined having in your sample library.

You can see a full list of all the objects which have been used in order to record different sounds on the download page by following the link below. Don’t be surprised when you things like a piece of duct tape; a broken camera, and a wind-up toy mouse featured on the list.

The all new Junk Percussion pack contain 200 one shot percussion sounds which have been recordedwith a high quality microphone, along with a Focusrite ISA One preamp.

As many people have come to expect from Fairly Confusing Waveforms, the end result is quite simply mind blowing. It doesn’t matter what sort of sounds you give them, they always end up producing a fantastic sample pack that you just cannot resist.

Audio Demo

Check out the Junk Percussion audio demo:

Download Links

Junk Percussion

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