THE INTERUPTOR, a well known Swiss plugin dev­eloper has now released the much anticipated “Bionic Supa Delay.” As with the legendary Bionic Delay effect that was created for Windows, this latest offering is also freeware VST plugin compatible with Windows operating systems.

THE INTERUPTOR describes the Bionic Supa Delay as being a much improved version of the older “Bionic Delay” which is still currently being used in studios all over the world. The new plugin has essentially been developed as part of a joint effort with Russ D, a Dub producer from The Disciples, who recommended that the company include a number of additional features which can benefit live Dub mixes.

If you want to get your hands on the Bionic Supa Delay, you can download it free of charge directly from the official “THE INTERUPTOR” website. The file you will download is a 32-bit VST plugin for Windows – 2.6 MB download size (zipped archive).

While the all new Bionic Supa Delay is based on the older version, it incorporates a number of new features that are likely to be incredibly beneficial for live mixes. After all, it was developed with the help of an acclaimed Dub producer.

One of the hottest new features is a pitch shifting function that allows Dub produces to take advantage of five new algorithms. It also has a nifty built-in reverb module offering two distinct types of reverb. Other new features include a 12 option filter section; a function that allows various sections to be disabled to preserve CPU; MIDI learn for mapping MIDI control surface, and significantly smooth parameter for delay time changes.

If you are searching for a true “powerhouse” delay effect, then this download is just what you are looking for, assuming you are running your DAW on a Windows computer. Likewise, if you are a tape delay enthusiast, then you won’t want to miss out on the new Bionic Supa Delay. Dub producers on the other hand will find themselves armed with an incredibly powerful new tool. In short, the all new Bionic Supa Delay is an outstanding successor to the much loved Bionic Delay which was routinely described as being the world’s best free delay tool for people who are passionate about Dub.

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