Loops de la Crème just released a free assortment of audio samples from Surprise Sample Pack. This assortment encompasses a set of sounds from numerous marketable sample libraries, and they still haven’t been released yet.

“A selection of 110 unreleased samples. The samples in Surprise Sample Pack are part of new collections that might be released in 2014!”

This pack is a free download via Bandcamp (62.3 MB ZIP, 110 samples, 24-bit WAV).

Incase you are wondering, there is a possibility for you to choose your own price before downloading the pack. Even though it is donationware, you can set a price of $0 to download it for free. The “pay what you can” offer will be removed at the end of February. It is also possible that the pack could be removed from Bandcamp after that.

This sample pack has over 100 audio samples and there is a high probability that it will be included in potential upcoming releases from Loops de la Crème commercial libraries. Any other previous releases that I have heard from this sound designer are really good and this pack is no exception.

The contents of this pack including the following: one shots, atmospheres, loops, soundscapes, SFX sounds, etc. I would also like to recommend the free version of World Sounds by Loops de la Crème, if you want some kind of exotic type of percussion sounds.

Audio Demo

Check out the Surprise Sample Pack audio demo:


Download Free Samples: click here

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