Klanghelm has just recently announced the release of DC1A 2 and DC8C 2, both of which are updated versions of two of their earlier freeware compressor effects which proved to be extremely popular between Windows and Mac users alike.

Essentially, the well received DC1A compressor is now driven by the same engine as its bigger brother, the DC8C2. Those who download the all new DC1A 2 version will find that it now has a few additional features, including being able to compress with dual mono operation and negative ratios.

Sporting a clean and user friendly interface, the DC1A 2 now uses the same compression algorithms as the DC8C 2. One of the great qualities of the updated version is that it has been designed for use on a vast selection of sound sources, including bass; drums, and even vocals. Personally, I believe that this is currently the best freeware compressor available – fantastic sound and so easy to use.

Something else worth mentioning about the new version of DC1A is the fact that the designers have reduced CPU hit, and users will no longer have to worry DC offset with regards to saturation. The new version can also be used alongside the older version since it comes with a new plugin ID, a really neat feature if you want to use any of you current projects.

NOTE: The original is also still available and can likewise be downloaded from the current site.

The DC8C 2 currently costs €20 but if you are a registered user the update is 100% free. Today, DC8C is widely seen as being the best compressor on the market, and the recent update only makes it even better than ever.

DC8C 2 is priced at €20 and the update is completely free for registered users. The new version of the plugin includes a new GUI design, as well as the other improvements and fixes included in the DC1A 2 update. DC8C is regarded as one of the finest currently available compressor effects over at KVR Audio.

Video Demo

Check out the DC1A demo video:


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